Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Group - Based in Maryland, USA
Tom Brown's Tracker School - New Jersey, USA
California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism - California, USA
EarthWalk Northwest - Washington, USA
Maine Primitive Skills School - Maine, USA
Boulder Outdoor Survival School - Colorado, USA
Jack Kresson's Flint Knapping Workshops (or try this one) - New Jersey, USA
Wildwood Trackers - based in Ontario, Canada
onPoint Tactical Tracking School - New Jersey, USA
Abotech - site focusing on primitive skills
Skills Alive - site focusing on primitive skills
Fire Pistons - site focusing on primitive fire using a tool called the fire piston
BrainTan.com - great site on brain tanning techniques and brain tanned products
Society of Primitive Technology - site focuses on primitive skills - they also put out a great magazine
Wilderness Way - another great magazine!
Primitive Ways - site focusing on primitive skills
Princeton University's Outdoor Action - some great articles, though I believe you must be a student to participate
Survive Outdoors - site focusing on survival techniques
Hood's Woods - Ron Hood is the creator of many good survival videos
Powhatan Renape Nation at the Rankokus Indian Reservation - trails, museum and store located in New Jersey
Wisdom Keepers - "Creating opportunities to learn about indigenous cultures from indigenous peoples"
Native Way Cookbook - great recipies from indigenous peoples of the world
NativeTech - Native American technology and art
Pinelands Preservation Alliance - group dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey
National Park Service's New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve
New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry
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What is Tracking?
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Tracker Trail - site focusing on tracking and other primitive skills
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Wilderness Awareness School - Washington, USA
Ancestral Knowledge - Maryland, USA
Pine Barrens Info
Piney Power - good general information about the Pine Barrens
Piney Lenape - a website which focuses on the remaining Lenape people still in the pine barrens area
Wild NJ - general information about the Pine Barrens
New Jersey Pinelands Commission - a State agency for the Pine Barrens
St. Louis Association for Primitive Skills and Tracking - based in Missouri
Tracker Club Listing - Andrew Koransky's Tracker Club Listing
To have your Tracking Club listed, email me and I'll put you on the list!
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The Knapper's Corner - good site about flint knapping
Hedgehog Leatherworks - Custom made sheaths
Practical Primitive - New Jersey, USA
Natural Pathways - Canterbury, Kent, UK